Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Unfinished Business!

Bentar lagi gw lulus, buuut MASIH BANYAK hal yg belom gw slesein. Contoh. Gw belom bikin karya tulis (padahal deadlinenya akhir februari) nentuin temanya aja belom! beuhh.. Daaan, just like another teenage girls, i have SOMEONE i really admire. And I haven't tell him yet about my feeling. Well i'm just kinda shy, unconfident and nervously girl! So i can't do much with this kind of me. Plus, he-my crush-is an almost perfect boy. There are sooo many another girls adore him, too. Me? Don't even ask! I'm sooo ordinary (well, maybe even less). I have nothing. Beauty? Hmmm.. he could pick another girl than i. Brain? A bit.. But it's worthless to him. Behavior? Hahahaha! Is he like cranky girl? And Popularity? I'm on the lowest level!
See? Gw tau, nobody's perfect.. Tapi kalo gw pikir", apa salahnya ngungkapin prasaan sebelom telat? Gw toh gak minta apa" kan?
Maybe gw bakal ngelakuinnya mepet" kelulusan aja. Abis itu, gw gak mau liat dia lagi. Nyesek cing.. Dia itu kayak pangeran and gw kodoknya.
Then i have to end this posting! Before i go too far. Haha :D

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