Monday, March 8, 2010

Here We Go! Fight!

Sometimes, bad news and good news come together. Just like this time.

The good news is, I've been chosen as one of Gado Gado's commission. Yay!! :D Ah, fyi, Gado Gado in this case is not some sort of Jakarta's traditional food, it's the name of my school's upcoming event, well- you know, like pensi (in bahasa). And I feels so lucky since I was longing for a 'job', where I can contribute all my effort and time, at least I can participate in that big event, though I'm not a student council member.

Then, what's the bad news?
Okaaaaay, the bad news iiiiiis... *inhale* something bad was strucking me. *exhale*
I guess I don't need to describe exactly what was that, but the point is SHIT HAPPENS BABY!!! HA. Yep, shit happens once in a while-_- but this time.............more annoying. I'm dazed and confused! Help! Need someone who pay attention to me!! I'm lack of love and attention!! Omg I talked like a shitty labile pre-teenager. But yes, to be honest, I've been craving for attention lately. In more composed way.

So. I'm really sorry if I will neglect this blog for a while or even fill this blog with some sappy posts.

With all respect,

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