Sunday, December 5, 2010


I was tweeting few days ago when I saw the first trending topic at the moment; #2010disappointments. Well, since Twitter only provides 140 characters, I think it won't be enough for me to write down all those #2010disappointments. Yep, there are so many things I'd like to share regarding the hashtag.

To be frank, I can say that 2010 is so not my year (unlike 2009 which I found exciting). I've experienced several major heartbreaks this year. Actually it's not like I didn't find a little sparks of happiness at all, in fact I did, but those weren't comparable to the pain I that I've got.

So what's the point?

Nothing. I just wanna share all the craps that I got during 2010. However, I believe that God always has His own reason for letting me through those hardships; some sort of blessing in disguise, maybe. Oh, prolly He hopes I will learned a lesson or two, thus makes me stronger.

Then here we are.. At the edge of year 2010. 2011 is about to come. I really really REALLY wish I'll get my reward and turning back point in 2011. You know I'll be graduating from high school and attending college in 2011. I mean, what's more relieving than graduating as a top-notch student and getting into the university you've been dreaming of?

May God grant my wish. And yours as well.
Amin :-)

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