Thursday, January 13, 2011


Mood: sarcastic
Listening to: Playing God - Paramore

Finally.. I changed my blog's layout and template in the name of boredom. Well yes, I'm easily get bored. Especially when it comes to visual-related thingy. And it's 2k11 by the way, I think I have to start this year with something new ;p

Anyway.. My life's been a tad bit screwed up lately. The only good highlight is that I joined Art Camp in Bandung last Friday and it was fun :D i'll tell you more later. And oh I was dealing with some shits this week which got me in a real mess. One of 'em was privacy issue. I was like errrrrrrr why do you people have to be so annoying? Why can't you stop fooling around and give me a little mind peace? My feelings are not a goddamn joke for you guys to be laughed at. Tsk. Sorry, I'm so in my bad mood that I have to complain. Noooooice.

On a lighter note, from today until next week I'll be facing a number of try-outs for national exam. Fyi national exam is about 3 months away and I still need a heaps of preparation. So wish me luck, 'kay? :)