Sunday, February 20, 2011

More bad news to come. Ughhh.

It's such an irony. Not long after I published a post about my brief movie reviews, I heard about a bad (and controversial) news which came from the government regarding foreign movies. It has been confirmed that importation of foreign movies into Indonesia has been halted and will only resume if the government revokes a new levy on imported films (derived from Jakarta Globe (19/02)). In other words, we won't be able to watch any foreign movies (not only to American movies but also applies to European and Asian movies) in cinema until the customs department changes its policy on film distribution in Indonesia. I've checked the official site of 21 Cineplex and yeah no foreign titles were listed under the upcoming releases section. Dammit. Some says that it doesn't bother people in general because they can always buy the pirated ones with a slightly different quality as the originals but hey, sometimes it's not just about the movies, it's obviously different when we watch DVDs at home and when we watch movies in cinema. Different jollies, different ambience, different social experience. Honestly I don't really understand about the reason or the tax issue but let say, if the policy continue, we will only able to watch local movies in cinema, which is *err* as we know, dominated by crappy-yet-obscene-horror genre. Oh puh-leaseeee, who wants to watch such movies? No one. Entertaining? No. Except if your sense of humor is poor enough or you want to take 'em sarcastically. Educating? Hell no. Creepy? Not really. But if you mean by creepy is cheesy, then yes. Arousing? Not much. Local movie these days got a really thin line between horror and slutty. I wonder why. I feel that only a small percent of local movies are qualified enough to be on screen. What is worse that if people are reluctant to watch in cinema due to the local movie's quality, the long term result is cinema operators' bankrupt. They will close the cinema, thus, people who used to work in it will lose their jobs. Whoa, look, government will add more numbers of the unemployed in this country indirectly. Furthermore, we don't know if the bankrupt will take its toll on the mall that has cinema in it. What a 'helpful' policy.

At this rate, I feel really bad for myself, everyone, and this country. Well I hope the policy won't go through. Stoopid, I wonder where did the government left their brains. (or perhaps they don't have any at all in the first place?)

On a lighter note, let's off to another news, which came from all BlackBerry user's lovely twitter application, UberTwitter. Yes, some of you might have suffered due to the suspension just like me. I personally think that UT is the most convenient twitter app for BB ever, and I bet most of the other users think the same. So, while UT is being suspended, I'm using Social Scope and sometimes Twitter for Blackberry, which is not really convenient to use and not visually satisfying. It is said that UT (and twidroyd) for violating Twitter's policies. But hold your horses! As enlightenment, here are what I read from UberTwitter (now UberSocial) official twitter account: "We have a new version ready, just waiting for Twitter to verify it and turn everyone back on." "We have made the changes Twitter requested. As soon as Twitter reactivates, you will be live again. Thx!" "To be a better partner with Twitter we are changing #UberTwitter’s name to #UberSocial. We will hope to have twitter reactivate us shortly." In conclusion, UT will return with a new name and some difference in the features. I just hope they won't remove the useful features such as mute, uber bar and the like. Get back soon UberTwitter! I mean, UberSocial :)

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Betacenturia said...

Personally I’m not the type of person who likes to buy DVD. I prefer watching film in cinema because it has wide screen and sophisticated sound effects. So...Just Bring Back Hollywood Movies to Indonesian Cinemas

nobody wants to watch horror-porn-horror in cinema. Plizzzz