Friday, November 25, 2016

Do What Your Love, Love What You Do

Hi, it's been a while since my last update!

..Simply because I don't know what to write and when. It's actually pretty ironic because now, drum roll please, I write for a living. Yep, that's right, I've decided to pursue a career in copywriting, and now I'm a full-time Copywriter in a local digital agency. Yay for me!

Few months after my graduation, I worked as a Content Writer (and a bit of Copywriter) intern in a local e-commerce startup. Why internship, though? With my degree, I could've applied for another available full-time position, right? (Just so you know, I had to turn down a full time position for this internship)

Well, the thing is, I want to experience first how does working feel like without really working, if you catch my drift. The field I'm aiming for is totally different from my studied major so I don't want to take a wrong step, I want to know more about it. Also, I didn't do internship back in uni and I thought, what's the harm in applying for internship position after you graduate?

Fast forward, I've done my 3 months internship period and I didn't make it to the full time position (I was actually aiming for it). That's when I make the decision that I should work in advertising agency, which is one of my old dream job. I applied here and there, and I came to this particular place. A local digital agency, located not too far South, unlike the other agencies I was applying at the moment. A friend of mine kind of introduce me to this digital agency before, and after a quick look at their website, I think this is it, I want to be a part of them.

I was skeptical at first when I applied. I mean, I don't know whether the "copywriter vacancy" is still valid or not because it was posted months ago, but hey, they contacted me! And I got the opportunity to be interviewed by my current Creative Group Head and Creative Director. I was nervous because both of them are seasoned player in this field, and I'm fucking green. But the interview went so well, though they give me an assignment as a part of my assessment. The assignment, thankfully, was rather simple one and I could easily nail it (LOL). Few days after I submitted my assignment, I was contacted again to work for them. Woo-hoo!!!

I know I've been here just for a month, but I love this place already. The office might not be as cool and hip as my internship office, but it's a lot closer to home so it only took about 30 minutes by car to and from there, 45 minutes tops. It matters a lot because the time you spent on the street can be reaaaaally tiring, just like what I've experienced in my internship place where I could spend 2 or even 3 hours just to get home. Though I'm not driving, it drained my energy and I got sleepy easily. Okay, back to my current office. Not only the location, I also LOVE the people. I mean, I haven't get to know every single of them, but I can tell that they're generally nice people, not the kind that rat out each other and talk bad behind your back. Basically, the office politic is close to zero. There are cliques but the kinds that blend in flexibly with other cliques, so it's all good. No seniority as well! Maybe it's just me but I can talk with ease with co-workers who's like, 6-10 years older than me. Even I dropped the "Mas" and "Mbak" prefix with some of them lol.

And the job itself? Oh, I think this is really my true calling! I'm glad I decided to work in an agency instead of client's side because that would be boring, and I've realized it just now. Copywriting is something everyone can do easily, but there's certain art to it, how to make your words effective, and that's the challenge. I'm reaaaally really thankful they want to take me and my green status as their new Copywriter.

Despite the Iong working hours and client's endless requests, I love my job. I love my workplace.

I wish things would stay this way.

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