Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Bow To My Violin

On the 17th day of every month, I've been always celebrated this for a while. What do I celebrate? Birthday? No, birthday doesn't occur every month. Payday? I haven't worked yet and payday is always at the beginning of the month, so it's not that. So, what is it that I always celebrate?

I don't know, probably some sort of reminder?

Reminder about how I've always been in love with the same person over and over? Or just a superficial formality?

Anyway, I've just listened to a song from Hollywood Nobody, the title is 'A Bow To My Violin'.

I dedicate it to someone whom I dedicated my 17th day(s) to.
  You're a bow to my violin,
A right to my wrong
You're a music to my silence,
A plus to my minus

I'm a complexity in your simple smile,
(a hand you have to hold on your independency)
I'm a complexity in your simple smile,
(a book you have to read on your bedtime)
I'm everything you're saying yes to.

You're a bow to my violin,
The beautiful interlude to my song
You're a bow to my violin
The oxygen to my empty lung

In addition, the description of this song said:
'A Song about the deepest feeling of love. How it complete us, how it makes our flaws a perfection in our lover’s eye. How without each other we are just a uncompleted being, an instrument without tune, a heart without reason to beat, an empy smile. Enjoy the song thinking about the person who makes you feel that way. :)'

Pretty much sums it up, eh?

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