Friday, December 20, 2013


Okay, let's not beat around the bush.

I've got a few announcements to make.

First of all, on 17th December, I just had my second anniversary with my boyfriend. To me it's not a very long time, but hey, not bad. This year, it's my turn to receive present. He gave me a CD (Adhitia Sofyan - How To Stop Time; with cool illustrations!) that I wanted and a pencil case. As for myself, unfortunately I didn't prepare anything for him :( but I've promised him a special drawing that I'll do anytime soon, after I have the mood :P anyway, thanks for being a part-time lover and a full-time friend, thanks for putting up with me in these 2 years (this is my longest relationship so far), thanks for simply being there. I'm looking forward for another year(s) like this.

(and you, yes you who yawn while reading this, go get yourself a decent bf/gf so you can post a similar thing instead of getting bored)

Secondly, I just got a new hair cut. Probably a whole new one, because I've never had a haircut like this before. Y'know, I was afraid to cut my hair short but my beloved people encouraged me to do so. On top of that, Bandung gets hotter when you have a long hair, and tying my frizzy and thick hair into ponytail or bun is not a best choice for looking good. So, there goes my hair. But I gotta admit that I looove my new hair! It's short, simple, requires no hairband, and effortlessly makes me slightly looked more stylish. The bob haircut trend is probably almost over, but to hell with trend. Whatever people say, I love my new hair the way it is.

before and after. which one suits me better? :))

And last,
MY FIFTH SEMESTER OF COLLEGE IS OFFICIALLY OVER! And holiday's coming, yay! As usual I'll make a review for all the subjects I took at the end of the semester, really soon. My fifth semester is not that amusing, especially when you got a heap of paperworks for every fucking subjects.

Sorry if this FYI post is not important. Have a nice holiday.

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