Sunday, August 31, 2014

One Day in Spring

It was already in the middle of March.

Peggy carefully stepped outside, past the slippery porch stairs and driveway. The snowfall finally stopped; while the remaining snow melted under the brimming sun. But Peggy can still feel the cold air of Winter, that's why she decided to keep wearing her tangerine-colored cardigan.

A walk wouldn't hurt on this lovely afternoon, that's what she thought.

So she kept walking downtown. Her destination would be a small coffee shop located in the middle of the city, a small coffee shop that she always visit on colder days.

Halfway to the city, she decided to change the route, passing the other side of the neighborhood. It's actually faster to her destination, but Peggy never bother to try it because she hates unfamiliar places. She tends to get lost easily.. But not on this day.

She walked on a pavement next to a large park. The park was rather empty, only a few strolling elders and a small group of children busy playing with whatever left from the winter were in vicinity. She could hear a faint sound of birds chirping. Looks like Spring comes early for this park.

With nature guiding her, Peggy stepped into the park, her feet rustling among the wet grass, her eyes scanning through the thick trees. She took a deep sigh, feeling up the nature once again, with her senses.

And then she saw him.

A tall, slender, young man, wearing grey coat, with his back to Peggy. His wavy, golden-blonde hair was being swept back by the wind. Birds were chirping from the branches above him, as if they were excited by his presence. Peggy couldn't see the man's face, so she stepped closer.. And the man turned his head to hear.

He has this ethereal beauty that even Peggy, who has been working in the literary field for 8 years, couldn't describe it. The only thing that she could think of was that it's like his face was carved by the angels. No, he's the angel itself.

There was a pair of enticing blue eyes staring into Peggy's; probably with a little curiosity, or maybe hospitality, she wasn't sure. She was so flustered, so in confusion she averted her gaze.

If only we could speak, we would break this silence, the birds mumbled. To Peggy and and the man, the birds were chirping happily.

Guess what, Peggy? You're not the first lady to be enthralled by his presence.
But guess what, Peggy? You're the first lady that ever caught his attention.
The birds chirped. The winds blew softly. The melting snow fell down from the tip of the leaves.

After a brief moment of imaginary pep-talk, Peggy was finally able to keep her composure and bring herself to smile, and so did the man. A warm voice coming out from the man's lips. Hello, I am Peter.

Spring comes early for the park. Spring comes early for Peggy. At least, she started seeing blooming flowers.

(This short story was inspired from The Carpenters' song, Close To You. See the lyrics and video here. Sorry for the grammatical errors, feel free to correct them.)

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