Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It seems like yesterday when I coincidentally met a friend and he asked me, "are you going to apply as an assistant lecturer?"

Thanks to him, I remembered my freshman's dream to help my juniors getting by in my favorite subject. I'm not the best tutor or mentor, but sure I love being in that position. I just love helping others to hone their skills with my fair share of experiences and knowledges, especially in my own field. So without a second thought, I applied. I turned in my CV and my academic transcript. First semester, I failed because I woke up late. In second semester, I woke up earlier and I made it. Yay! Early bird gets the worm, eh?

I was assigned to class four. Funny, because I was paired up with that same friend who reminded me of the assignment lecturer opportunity. He also failed on the first semester so practically we were really new to the class.

My first impression? Not much. But I immediately learnt that this class is actually better (if any of you—member of the class—happened to read this post, don't get cocky!) than other classes. They're somewhat tame and.. Tidy? DKV-ish? Whatever. I guess the credits goes to their previous assistant lecturers. I kinda feel grateful anyway, because well.. I don't need to spend my energy and time to get mad at their drawing skills. Oh wait, some of them were actually super terrible at drawing, but I just don't have the heart to say anything insulting :-P I don't know, I just don't feel like that discouragement will do them any good. Just not my style, I guess. Also, my partner is not the type of person who get worked up or get angry easily, so.. Class four is a bunch of lucky bastards to have a pair of nice, reserved, nurturing assistant lecturers like us. Hahaha.

Anyway. Next week is the last day of class and I suddenly got all melancholic, thanks to yesterday's class. Yesterday after class, we (the entire assistant lecturers) arranged a fake test for these freshmen. It consisted of five questions, and the fifth questions was something along "Who's your favorite assistant lecturer? You can draw them or describe them". And the result was somewhat pleasing and fun. Although I got no drawings (unlike my fellow assistant lecturers from other classes, *sobs*), at least some of my favorite fellas reciprocate my feelings. Yeah, I know, this is the opposite of 'senpai noticed me' situation. To make long story short; it really made my day. The end.

Is it worth it, being an assistant lecturer? Spending your whole day, from 9 to 3, being stuck with some clueless freshmen? Re-learn all the lessons that you already passed years ago?

Here's my answer: Yup! Best. Decision. Ever.

It was tiresome, of course, but I constantly get inspired to draw something after class—it helps a lot with my recurring art block. So yeah, being an assistant lecturer is a two-way thing: they got the lessons and the assistance needed for their drawing skills (and grade), meanwhile you got your mood boosted, mind inspired, fees (well duh, this ain't a volunteer work), and—this is my favorite part—you got new acquaintances and possible friends.

Dear my fellow partner or students from class four, if you ever happened to stumble upon this post; I'd like to thank you guys, personally, for making the most of my days for the last few months.  One semester is such a short period for me. I wish I had been assigned from the first semester so that I could remember each of your names and faces (that's right, I haven't memorized some of you! Sorry if I ever forget your name or face haha), or to know you guys better. Also, sorry for being a not-so-competent assistant lecturer and being clueless sometimes (that I could only say something like "make it bigger", "add something here", "it's too long"). I wish you guys get even better in terms of skill, and please, whatever your major would be, don't be too lazy to draw or get satisfied easily. See you at the mighty gedung SR! >:-D

..Now excuse me while I clear my throat.

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