Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whassup, Tweeps?

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Actually.. I'm getting kinda sick with this micro-blogging site. No, it's not really your fault Twitter developers, but basically it's the Tweeples that makes me wanna puke every time I stare at my cellphone screen and find some ---------- updates. (Honestly I can't get some right words to describe those kind of updates, but it's the kind that pissing me off)

Okay, these would explain why I'm still using my Twitter account.

Reasons why I hate Twitter:
1. Twitter only give me 140 characters to write something, in fact, sometimes I need more.
2. Overtweets and spamming tweeples makes me nauseous sometimes, especially certain person I should've unfollow, but for some reason I'm still following them.
3. Twitter often lit the fire in my heart. Only by reading his and her updates makes me jealous and drives me mad, oh for God's sake, puh-leaaaaase.

Reasons why I'm still using Twitter:
1. I'm still want to keep in touch with some of my friends, beside of many other better ways.
2. Most people own Twitter, so..............I think I should own one too.
3. I can find the juiciest gossip ever or the hottest news in Twitter.

And you should check another micro-blogging site named Whispurr, yeah it's kinda similar with Twitty but at least Whispurr gives you 300 letters to write =)

by the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, happy halloween peoples!!!

(these are my drawings that I made for halloween. poor qualities, I know -_-)

If I could celebrate Halloween, I would dress as a bloody girl in kimono or in black japanese sailor uniform ^w^ how about you guys?

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