Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello Again

Whoooops it's been a decade (lebay -.-) since the last time I updated this cyber-diary-thingy. Have I told you that my PC is out of order?
Well. It's just the matter of time until the mechanic come from his holiday-in-hometown (read: mudik) and repair it. Skip

There are few minor postponed things I'd like to do once I got my PC back to normal:
1. I wanna catch up all my favorite games on Facebook. I can't remember when is the last time I leveled up my Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars character. Duh
2. I wanna add some more blogs to the Linkship and Boredom's Cure list, sooner.

Meanwhile, I also have a major plan:
1. I will RENEW THIS BLOG. I put it in all capital letters because it means I will make a load of changes; the design and the layout (including the header), add and modify some widgets, edit (or possibly eliminate) some old posts, and so on. Why? Because I'm getting bored and by renew this page maybe would increasing or boosting my mood to posting more. Who knows.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Triple-Nine-licious :9

Hello my blogfellas!
Wohoho tanggal 9 bulan 9 taun 2009 keren kaaaan? Jadi triple nine gitcyu ihiw 090909 keyen beudh deccch. Oke maaf gue jadi ngelantur -,-
Intinyaaaa bisa dibilang sejauh ini tanggal 9 September kemaren adalah ultah gue yang paling berkesan karenaaaa:
1. Dirayain di rumah gue, with a lots of food and lots of guest (lumayan lah) seperti carissa, dita, dewi, inna, anggi, kiki, aliya, dwi, raka, pradipta dan rama. Wah seru deh hahaha, gue senang keluarga senang teman teman pun senang
2. Gue dapet kado dari pacar dan sahabat loh! Wihihi abisnya taun-taun yang lalu nggak dapet sih, ultah punya pacar aja baru sekarang O.O okedeh dari sahabat gue sejak TK a.k.a Acul gue dapet satu set buku sama papan agenda gitu, sebenernya gue nggak tau sih namanya apa tapi sebutlah begitu hahaha. Terharu deh ihik abisnya Acul ultah gue nggak ngasih apa apa. Huhu thanks ya Acuuuul. Dan dari pacarkutersayangyangjelekdanmenyebalkan gue dapeeeeet........boneka. Hihi. Boneka teddy bear nya Mr. Bean gitu, lucu deh, jadi sekarang dia nemenin gue kalo tidur hahaha. Makasih ya sayaaaang :-* ini nih bonekanya, gue kasih nama Mr. Kuma (kuma = beruang)

3. Tanggalnya bagus! Sayang bukan pas sweet seventeen gue, haha.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Insanity and Anxiety Finally Reach Its Boiling Point

I'm trying hard to convince myself that it was only my anxiety. The fact that it might be really happen is scares me a lot. Thinking about it also bothering me a lot. What should I do? How should I behave? And what should I say? Luna said that I have to talk it over with him so we could possibly find a good solution. But I'm too afraid to admit straightly to him that I feels something's wrong with him lately. I'm too afraid if he would make a tough decision for us. Well, until the moment I type this post, I still loves him, so much :"( I don't wanna lose him, for the second time.
I know, in the past I have done so many things that might be hurts him over and over, I don't even return his unconditional love for me, I'd just stick to another guy(s) instead. Such an ungrateful girl. Then I think now it's the right time to pay him back, even if maybe it won't wash away all the mistakes that I've done to him earlier, but at least I want to makes him happy by my way. I will always be by his side. No matter what.

And his boredom --or even his tough decision-- would be my best birthday present ever.