Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello Again

Whoooops it's been a decade (lebay -.-) since the last time I updated this cyber-diary-thingy. Have I told you that my PC is out of order?
Well. It's just the matter of time until the mechanic come from his holiday-in-hometown (read: mudik) and repair it. Skip

There are few minor postponed things I'd like to do once I got my PC back to normal:
1. I wanna catch up all my favorite games on Facebook. I can't remember when is the last time I leveled up my Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars character. Duh
2. I wanna add some more blogs to the Linkship and Boredom's Cure list, sooner.

Meanwhile, I also have a major plan:
1. I will RENEW THIS BLOG. I put it in all capital letters because it means I will make a load of changes; the design and the layout (including the header), add and modify some widgets, edit (or possibly eliminate) some old posts, and so on. Why? Because I'm getting bored and by renew this page maybe would increasing or boosting my mood to posting more. Who knows.

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