Thursday, November 20, 2008

Behind The Sea (PATD) Review

Repeatedly listening to Behind The Sea - Panic At The Disco aw aw Ryro's voice reminds me to The Beatles in modern form haha soft yet have its own character (very different to Brendon's). His voice maybe is the main attention of this song, especially when Brendon's voice start appearing and matched with Ryro's oh so harmonic, I love that part! But sorry to say that this song (just like most of PATD's song) is doesn't make sense.. I can't understand it, and so I can't derive the lyrics too. But overall, I guess this song is worth enough to listened, my second favorite tracks from Pretty.Odd after Green Gentlemen. And yeah maybe you wouldn't notice that this is one of PATD's song before you finally read its very-PATD-particular lyrics and hear Brendon's voice appearing at some parts of the song.
I think.. Ryro might contribute more of his voice into PATD's next album :3
This song is also very different from PATD's previous album's songs, which got more upbeat and more complicated. Most of the songs in Pretty.Odd are much simplier and catchy. They won't insert any electro sounds into their second album, but much to classic instruments to build up the main conception of the album.

Well, that's all from me. However, the review is came out from an amateur writer, so don't take it seriously ^^
And of course, I'm still learning english, sorry for any grammatical mistake and wrong selection of words :)

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