Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter of Acceptance

Well, I'm wrong if I think I already know you well. There are some parts of you, Idk which part is it, that I don't understand. Hell yeah now I know it won't be that simple. Sorry, I don't wanna think that loving you is a burden but the fact told me so. It's not only about loving and being loved. More complicated. You're not only mine, a bunch of girls out there were talking about you a lot, dude. So it would be a 'Mr. Popular & Mrs. Ordinary' kind of relationship. Just like the old me, maybe I'm really destined as a pavement-chaser for the rest of my life. Hell-ooo, how does it worth if lots of boy were after you but none of them could occupies your heart? Tell me, how does it worth if you can't even get your most precious one?
But I will not go down.
As long as I have a chance, I will keep trying, don't care whether it gonna work or not.
Just for your information, I won't give up, I'll face this & stand the fight until somebody won the game.
A broken heart? No problem, I will learn to be a strong girl, trying to not be a weak-spoiled-girl. I know my limit. If the time has come, I only need to back off and find another way, even if it would take a long time especially to heals the broken-hearted.. Right?

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